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The Canal and River Trust is a charity that are entrusted with the care for 2,000 miles of waterways in England and Wales. In addition to maintaining these 2,000 miles of canals and rivers, that are often over 200 years old, they are responsible for an enormous network of bridges, embankments, towpaths, aqueducts, docks and reservoirs and more all part of the inland waterways network.


Canal and River Trust


Centre for Ecology and Hydrology


The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) is a world-class research organisation focusing on land and freshwater ecosystems and their interaction with the atmosphere.


The Investigating Lakes Ecosystem project aims to generate a process-based understanding of how lakes function and to use this knowledge to provide advice for lake managers.


The UK Lakes Portal is a new online gateway to discover the lakes of the United Kingdom, linking data from many institutions into one national hub. Beginning life in 2004 as a GIS-based inventory of British standing waters, the portal has been gradually accumulating data to become an extensive and comprehensive resource for lakes in the United Kingdom. It is a product of collaboration between the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, University College London and the UK conservation and environment agencies.



Centre for Ecology and Hydrology


CREW – Centre of Expertise for Waters


CREW is a Scottish Government funded partnership between the James Hutton Institute and Scottish Universities, supported by MASTS.

River Basin Management Planning is one the themes around which CREW coordinates research and other activity between policy makers, their implementation partners and researchers.




Environment Agency



The Environment Agency manages the 7 River Basin Districts in England.


The Catchment Data Explorer supports and builds upon the data in the river basin management plans.


Information on river levels in England is available from the Flood Information Service on the GOV.UK website.



The Environment Agency carries out maintenance, improvement or construction work on Main Rivers to manage flood risk. See the ‘What’s in your backyard’ section for information on Main Rivers.




European Centre for River Restoration (ECRR)


The ECRR is a European network consisting of national centres, organisations, institutions and individuals bound by their mission to encourage and support ecological river restoration throughout greater Europe.


European Centre for River Restoration (ECRR)


Freshwater Habitats Trust


See the Rivers section of the website for information on the work of the Freshwater Habitats Trust.


Details of projects such as the River Thame Catchment Project are also available.


Freshwater Habitats Trust


International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) National Committee UK 


The IUCN National Committee UK has sponsored the River Restoration and Biodiversity project led by Scottish Natural Heritage.

International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) National Committee UK

The 2016 report ‘River Restoration and Biodiversity’ has been published jointly by IUCN NCUK and Scotland’s Centre of Expertise for Waters (CREW). It describes the importance of rivers in the UK and Ireland for biodiversity, summarises the damage that river habitats have sustained over many decades, and discusses ways in which restoration can bring benefits both to wildlife and to human society.





Joint Nature Conservation Committee - Defra


JNCC is the public body that advises the UK Government and devolved administrations on UK-wide and international nature conservation.

See the Rivers section under UK Freshwater Habitats


Joint Nature Conservation Committee


Natural England


Improvement Programme for England's Natura 2000 Sites (IPENS)


The Improvement Programme for England’s Natura 2000 (IPENS), supported by European LIFE+ funding, is enabling Natural England, the Environment Agency, and other key partners to plan what, how, where and when to target their efforts on Natura 2000 sites and the areas surrounding them. The Lake Restoration theme plan is part of the IPENS programme.

Lake Restoration Theme Plan May 2015


Natural England


Natural Resources Wales


Natural Resources Wales is responsible for water quality in rivers and producing the River Basin Management plans.


See River levels online for a map showing river levels at monitoring stations.


Natural Resources Wales


The Rivers and Fisheries Trusts of Scotland


The Rivers and Fisheries Trusts of Scotland is a leading independent freshwater conservation charity representing Scotland’s national network of rivers and fisheries Trusts and Foundations. RAFTS works closely with the Rivers Trust, which represents the network of Trusts in England and Wales.


RAFTS has published a series of guidance notes ‘Managing River Restoration: Gearing Up For The Management of River Restoration’.


The Rivers and Fisheries Trusts of Scotland


The River Restoration Centre


The River Restoration Centre is the UK's 'expert information and advice' centre for all aspects of best-practice river restoration and catchment management.

The RRC's activities are set out around three core areas:

  • Knowledge Exchange - providing a focal point for the exchange and dissemination of information and expertise.
  • Technical Advice and Assessment - providing expert input to site-specific technical issues and national initiatives through experienced river restoration practitioners.
  • Training and Guidance - developing, updating and providing resources, courses and practical learning opportunities to the growing UK restoration network.


See the River Restoration Factsheets which have been created to guide you through considerations at all stages of river restoration projects, from planning to monitoring.


The River Restoration Centre


Rivers Network


Rivers Network is a web platform that aims at exchanging experiences and river stories. The world map covers 173 river basins and coastal areas, themselves divided into 1167 sub-basins. Each sub-basin has its ‘blog’ in which ‘stories’ of rivers are stored with links to websites, videos or reference documents.


Rivers Network


The Rivers Trust


The Rivers Trust is a registered environmental charity representing the rivers trust movement in England and Wales. The main aims are, “to co-ordinate, represent and develop the aims and interests of the member Trusts in the promotion of sustainable, holistic and integrated catchment management and sound environmental practices, recognising the wider economic benefits for local communities and the value of education.”


Rivers Trust1


RiverWiki – Restoring Europe’s Rivers


River restoration case studies RiverWiki tool is for sharing best practices and lessons learnt for policy makers, practitioners and researchers of river restoration. This site is funded through the Environment Agency (England) and managed by the RRC (UK). The database is an interactive source of information on river restoration schemes from around Europe. The RiverWiki has been developed by the RESTORE partnership for sharing knowledge and promoting best practice on river restoration.


RiverWiki – Restoring Europe’sRivers


Scottish Environment Protection Agency - SEPA


See the SEPA website for information on river basin planning in Scotland.


The Water Environment Fund has provided funding to projects that aim to help restore Scotland’s catchments from the source, through rivers, lochs and floodplains, into estuaries and out to sea.


Scottish Environment Protection Agency - SEPA   Water Environment Fund - WEF


Thames Rivers Trust


The Thames Rivers Trust is a registered environmental charity dedicated to improving the River Thames and its tributaries for the benefit of people, wildlife and the environment.


Thames Rivers Trust

Thames Regional Flood and Coastal Committee Periodic Report 2011-2017

This report includes a summary of the RFCC's '25 Year Approach' with a strong environmental theme including Natural Flood Management, SUDS and floodplain and rivers restoration.



Totally Thames


Totally Thames, presented by the Thames Festival Trust, takes place over the month of September and brings the river to life via an exciting season of arts, cultural and river events throughout the 42-mile stretch of the Thames in London.


Totally Thames

Rivers of the World Education resources are also available on the Totally Thames and Thames Festival Trust website:




UK Rivers Network


The UK Rivers Network brings people together to create a better future for rivers and inland waters in the UK and Ireland.


A list of UK and Ireland river (and inland waters) community groups can be found at:


UK Rivers Network


The Wild Trout Trust


The Wild Trout Trust is a conservation charity that stimulates hands-on, in-the-water projects, helping others to help themselves with habitat improvement in and around rivers and lakes.


The Wild Trout Trust


The Wildlife Trusts


The Wildlife Trusts website includes a section on rivers and streams.


The Wildlife Trusts




Digital River - Find out the condition of your local watercourse - WWF Interactive Map





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